Project Description

Project Description

Beverage Carton Smart Recycling Program (BCSRP) has been launched by CE3 in October 2019. It is a
two-year program that encourages the general public to recycle beverage cartons so as to achieve the
aim of waste reduction and recycling. A combination of a reverse vending machine, mobile apps and
GIS will be utilized to develop a smart recycling network that connects the recycling industry,
community and the business sector. Moreover, it helps to establish a set of guidelines for beverage
carton recycling which promotes the ideas of clean recycling and source separation.

25 reverse vending machines are located in schools, shopping malls and housing estates. It has the
barcode-reading function and real-time data transmission. Also, there are function of overload alarm
and redeem for encouragement. These functions help facilitating the message about clean recycling
and source separation.


About CE3

CE3 was founded by Dr. Winnie Tang, JP in 2011. It is a charitable organization with the prime objective
to foster environment and energy conservation, and education work through the electronic channel. It
also aims to achieve cohesion of cross-discipline parties to promote conservation in order to achieve
sustainable development and uplift Hong Kong’s leading status in the long-run.

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